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Shading net

Shading net – the fabric is made of HDPE film with a high degree of stability.Shading nets are produced to protect crops and plants from UV exposure and also to keep them safe in certain climatic conditions such as abrupt changes in temperature, heavy rains, strong winds and hailstorms .The regulation of the microclimate created in the covered zone results in better growth which is in favor of high yields.All the nets are UV stabilized so that the exploitation period over a certain area can be prolonged. Besides, they are notable for their great tearing – resistance and small weight which contributes to a faster and easier mounting with 30-90% shading efficiency.Shading nets are suitable for outside hothouses and for inside hothouses as well. The growth of crops can get better thanks to the regulated microclimate. Shading nets also provide crop protection from bad climatic conditions such as sweltering heat, sudden torrential rains, hailstorms, winds, ground frosts, etc.They can accelerate the cultivation and growth of crops. The material they are made of is remarkable for its strength and stability. It is UV stabilized which permits long-lasing use. It is light in weight, quick and easily kept and exploited. It does not frazzle and is moisture-proof and resistant to common bases and acids.

      Shading nets are produced with the concern of a clean environment and they can be 100% recycled.