“Elana-Hart” Ltd firm was founded in 1994 but it has been it this line of business since 1989. Although it is a family firm not so large in output, it has been increasing its capacity by making new investments, due to its desire for constant development .
 Since its foundation, the firm is based on investing in new technological fittings for production.

The products of “Elana-Hart”Ltd  today find a vast application in industry, agriculture and people’s way of living. We are continuously improving in technological and technical respect in order to come up to the standards of the market and realize unusual orders including the products’ delivery to you.

We are with you more than 20 years and during this period we have reached a high level of our production’s quality. It is our progress and your gained trust that puts us among the financially stable firms. 


What we offer?

Polyethylene bags

Polyethylene bags from primary natural LDPE, different sizes and single and rollers / by request/

Wind shield nets

It serves as a wind protector of crops, small trees and plants. UV-stabilized

Polyethylene film for agricultural uses

Polyethylene film for agricultural uses - natural and UV stabilized;